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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating Service

Ceramic car coating protects car paint from minor scratches, limits adhesion of dirt, and makes it resistant to UV radiation.

Our team of Grand Tour ceramic car paint protection specialists will bring your car’s paintwork to its former glory with their exceptional skills, precise work and state of the art tools.

Ceramic Coating is the result of evolution in paint and coating products.The advancement in the chemical technology of resins and adhesives make a coating system such as CERAMIC COATINGS possible.
Why is it worth to have your car paint protected with quality ceramic coating?

There are 2 good reasons why is it worth to protect your car with ceramic coating:

1. No more costly body paint corrections – ceramic coating provides a great protective barrier against bird droppings, stone chips and road grime, tar and other aggressive elements. Depending on usage and environment, you are protected up to 5 years. This really makes it a great value for money.
2. No more weekly visits at your local car wash – ceramic coating not only protects your car’s paintwork but also comes with self-washing abilities. PROTECTION FROM HARMFUL ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS From salt to sand, exhaust, pollutants, insect contaminants, moisture and UV rays, your automobile is vulnerable to numerous types of element-related corrosion.


Select Vehicle Type

Sedan Car

1 Year Warranty Crystal Package | 499$

2 Years Warranty Quartz Package | 699$

5 Years Warranty Diamond Package | 999$

Interior Coating (Full Detail Included) | 400$

Rims Coating | 300$

Suv Car

1 Year Warranty Crystal Package | 599$

2 Years Warranty Quartz Package | 799$

5 Years Warranty Diamond Package | 1099$

Interior Coating (Full Detail Included) | 500$

Rims Coating | 400$

Van Car

1 Year Warranty Crystal Package | 699$

2 Years Warranty Quartz Package | 899$

5 Years Warranty Diamond Package | 1199$

Interior Coating (Full Detail Included) | 600$

Rims Coating | 500$

Booking Ceramic Coating


Client Satisfaction

I used the Grand Tour carwash service and I am very satisfied. Thank you for your good team. Good luck

Harold Russo

Hello Thanks for the Grand Tour. They came very quickly and on time. This is the fifth time I have used your services.


I am very satisfied with your services. My car is a BMW i8 and I can't trust any car wash. Until a friend introduced you.

Amanda White

Hello Grand Tour You did a good job of sanitizing the car. I also use your application and it is very useful. Thank you

Eric Daly